Coastal Bathroom Ideas that Will Transport You to the Shore

A well-designed coastal bathroom is a must in any coastal interior. Although bathrooms may not be what you first see when you enter a home, hidden places like these can bring your home’s design together.

What’s nice? Coastal design is clean, recognizable and easily defined. Creating a coastal bathroom should not be difficult. Keep your bathroom simple and beach-inspired.

You can create a coastal bathroom with a little creativity and care. The following coastal bathroom ideas will help you to do that.

Keep it classic coastal colours

The iconic beachy colour palette of coastal design is well-known, so make sure to add some seaside colours. Get your hands on some oceany blues and sandy beiges. A sunny yellow or playful orange is a good choice if you are looking for a splash of colour.

Let the outdoors in

You should feel at the beach in a coastal interior. So look for ways you can let the outside in. Trade curtains for translucent blinds to maximize the sun streaming through your windows. You can also capture the classic ocean breeze by leaving your windows open.

Play with Beach-Inspired Prints

Do you want a beach bathroom that isn’t too sloppy? You can achieve this look with beach-inspired wallpapers. You can find wallpaper with ocean-inspired waves and sand-inspired spots. You might also find wallpaper that reminds you of classic beachy plants like palm trees and pampas grass.

Install an accent wall in your shower

Accent walls are a great addition to any space, including your shower. There are many accent wall options for coastal design. You have two options: you can either use printed titles to line your shower wall or stick with a bold colour. You’re sure to be eye-catching.

Make some fun wallpaper

Coastal design is fun! The beaches inspire it. So have fun with your design choices. You can take a chance on printed wallpaper in a classic coastal colour, but don’t be afraid of getting a little crazy. The wallpaper will look great in any space as long as you enjoy looking at it.

Get Timeless Striped Towels

Towels are an essential part of any bathroom. They can double up as decor if chosen carefully. You can make your towel rack an accent piece by purchasing a set of towels in a classic coastal pattern, such as nautical stripes.

Mix and match earthy materials

Although “Earthy” might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a beach bathroom, it is likely that it will. Beaches are rich in organic materials that you can use in your bathroom. Combine woven baskets and a textured sink with wood accents to pay homage to the local boardwalk.

Get beachy photographs at a discount

A great way to make your bathroom feel more beachy is by adding coastal photos. Get beachy photos. The decorative accent may seem a bit obvious. This classic accent is a must-have for any houseguest: It will instantly transport you and your guests to the beach.

Enjoy a Fun Backsplash

There are many ways to have some fun with your backsplash. You can have fun with your backsplash, and coastal style is open to expressing your personality. You can find backsplash tiles in bold prints or vibrant colors, or you can lay your tiles in an unusual design.

Keep it airy with white walls

White walls will bring out the classic breezy coastal feel of coastal design. This simple choice will make your bathroom feel bright and airy. It should also give you the backdrop you need for vibrant colors and beachy textures.