Beautiful Eat-In Kitchen Ideas that Work in Every Space

We don’t like to play favourites, but the eat-in kitchen is what stops us from our tracks every single time. Although it is more casual than a designated dining room, an eat-in cooking area creates a more relaxed atmosphere. This could be why the timeless kitchen layout has been in high demand.

We are not going to lose the popular kitchen layout. So we have compiled some of our favourite eat-in kitchen ideas, courtesy of our favourite interior designers.

Get Wrap-Around Banquette Seating

Naomi Stein, an interior designer at Design manifest, installed custom banquette seating in this galley-style kitchen to maximize every inch. The sleek, built-in bench is located in the corner and provides ample space for a large dining table.

Consider Open Layouts

Jessica Helgerson, Interior Design, interior designer, also decided to ditch a kitchen island for a long rectangular dining table in her small kitchen. A rustic dining cabinet provides additional storage, which an island wouldn’t be able to offer.

Be modern

A statement piece of art steals the show in this kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. The abstract work hangs above the dining table and gives the space dimension.

Get Functional Furniture

Aniko Levai of Place of My Taste shows that you don’t need to sacrifice your kitchen island in order to have an eat-in kitchen. A small island is located in the kitchen, while a round table and chairs are placed on top of a jute rug.

Separate your Space

Lea Johnson, interior stylist at Creekwood Hill has created a stunning eat-in kitchen that exudes serious dining room vibes. It’s easy to overlook how open the layout leads to the kitchen, which has all the traditional elements of a traditional dining room (a vintage-inspired area rug and a statement chandelier).

You can add seating to your island

Studio Live/Style can design the perfect eat-in kitchen for you. This space features a kitchen island that not only has bar stools, but also has a built-in bench. It is the perfect space for casual and formal dining. The statement pendant light fixture visually divides the dining areas, giving the formal dining area its own space.

To save space, choose minimalist furniture

This stunning layout is by Charlie Interior Design. You will be transported to another time with the unique shape of the chairs and glass bulb statements lighting.

Create an artistic corner

This kitchen by Charlie Interior Design is simple and beautiful. The minimalist look of the wooden bench and simple table and chairs creates a feeling of simplicity. A small gallery wall with art adds color and interest to the space.

Get more from your kitchen island

It can feel like you have to choose between a dining table or a island . But this space from Casa Watkins Living shows that it doesn’t have to be. The room’s center structure houses half of the cabinets and extra storage. The other half serves as a table. What is the result? It’s the best of both worlds.

Take center stage

There are many ways to design an eat-in kitchen. However, the majority of layouts require the table to be out of the way. This Burchard Design Co. kitchen shows that sometimes it is worth letting the dining area take center stage. While the white table and chairs match the cabinets and walls, their placement is strikingly different from the deep blue lower cabinet. It feels large and inviting.