How to Create a Coastal Farmhouse Retreat at Home?

You don’t have to live on the coast to enjoy classic farmhouse decor. The coastal farmhouse aesthetic combines the best of coastal decor and the rustic appeal of farmhouse decor.

You’ll find inspiration from the countryside and the seaside, but you must keep cohesion in your mind.

This might sound not easy to achieve. You don’t have to worry about finding the right coastal farmhouse design inspiration. This will allow you to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality in no time. We’ve collected 29 amazing coastal farmhouse design ideas to help you get started.

Pale Hardwoods Set the Scene

Hardwood floors are a timeless addition to any home. And because wood is so prominent in coastal and farmhouse decor, it’s an excellent way to set the tone in your space.

Karen B. Wolf is the creative principle of Karen B. Wolf Interiors and recommends that you choose pale hardwoods in order to keep things flexible. Light wood will complement farmhouse decor’s rustic look and beachy feel while also blending well with coastal decor.

Rustic pieces will fill your space

A few rustic pieces are essential for any farmhouse interior. Spend some time at the local flea market. Walton explains that the coastal farmhouse aesthetic is simply a marriage of warmth, rustic, vintage, and light, bright and airy.

You can start by buying rustic pieces. Once you have a foundation you can add other elements, such as your palette or accessories, to balance it out.

Keep your patterns simple

Coastal decor is well-known for its simple and crisp colors. Coastal decor is a better choice for prints than farmhouse decor. Walton says that coastal farmhouse designs will feature a lot more “simple patterns and stripes”. Think classic stripes, subtle plaids and delicate florals.

Mix and match your Nods to Nature

Both farmhouse and coastal decor often reference nature. Walton suggests that you keep your references balanced. For example, Walton recommends pairing a few barnyard paintings and some coastal decor woven from the coast or placing a few photos of the ocean on your rustic table.

Walton says that nautical decor, when paired with images of flowers and fields, helps to distinguish coastal farmhouse aesthetic. Artwork from your favorite beach spot or farm is a great way to capture the essence and beauty of earth, sea, and sky.

Choose Classic Coastal Colors

Because of its distinctive palette, which is filled with deep blues and crisp whites as well as earthy pops in color, the coastal aesthetic is instantly recognisable. What’s nice? These colors are great for farmhouse decor.

Wolf says, “Coastal farmhouse is about bringing in the beach, so that even if you’re not sitting next to the water, it feels like you are.” The design features clean lines and a beachy chic palette of light blue, white, sand.

Paint your Front Door

Our interiors get the most attention when it comes to decorating. The front door is the first impression of a home and deserves attention. Once you have settled on a coastal farmhouse theme, your front door should be part of the action. Get one of the Dutch Doors, which have been so popular in farmhouse decor. Paint it with a classic coastal colour.

Introduce beachy elements

Be sure to add some beachy touches to your space as you furnish it. A coastal farmhouse home doesn’t feel that way if it doesn’t make you feel at the beach. You can add some kitsch to the decor with anchors, shells and bits of driftwood or make it more referential.

Wolf advises, “Keep it simple and nod to the sea.” Let the colors and materials you choose reflect the coastal vibe that you want.

Learn to love distressed wood

Distressed wood can be seen as a weakness in many decor designs. It’s an essential feature in coastal farmhouse decor.

Walton states that distressed woods are a hallmark of coastal farmhouses. If a piece of paint starts chipping, you can leave it as-is. This worn-in texture is part and parcel of the aesthetic’s charm.