Making Progress in the guest room

The guest room to the left of the photo is being remodeled for the Colour Lovers series. It is located close to the bathroom, which I am also renovating. We also use the room to the right when friends or family are staying with us. I call the second floor “the guest’s suite.”

It was time to paint the guest room. It was the off white color.

It is almost a pale yellow. These doors, trim, and walls were painted in the same flat sheen as the previous owners. Doors and trim should be semi-gloss, and walls should be satin or eggshell.

I had planned to spray paint the doors outside like the other louvered doors in my house. But it was too humid. I painted them exactly where they were and used a brush. The bottoms are panels so painting them took very little time.

Ceiling fans are either loved or hated. They serve an essential function, and I love them. For me, style is secondary to function in decorating. This post is like my Decorating manifesto.

Every room in my house has a ceiling fan, except the bathrooms and hallway of darkness. They are 10 in total, and I live in the south, so even though the AC is on they keep the house cool.

They’re all quite old but still work well. Some of them I’ve even painted. You can even paint some of them.

Even though I tried to balance it, the fan in my studi office made such noise that it was impossible to ignore. It was the motor, I realized. The same thing happened to the guest room fan. I needed to get a few fans for the guest rooms to keep our summer guests cool.

So I set out to find some. They had to be pretty because my studi office is more feminine so I’m using more feminine colors for the guest room.

Isn’t this pretty? She has a feminine design and was named after an actress, Audrey Hepburn. I have two. One of them will go in my studi .

It was found on Hayneedle-Hunter Hepburn 52 in Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light and Wall Control. However, it is also available online at Hunter fans. You can also get the fan in matte black with blades made of black oak.

Perfect, since I love Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn. The design is excellent, the blades fit into the motor unit without brackets, and there is no pull chain hanging down, which can be distracting.

A wall remote controls the fan’s light dimming and 3-speed settings. Do you have one of these wall remotes, or do you know someone who does? It requires 2 AAA batteries. They will need to be replaced every two years.

Now that the fan has been installed, I have finished painting the room. It is time to add the decor.