Small Bathroom Makeover: Before and After

I have done several before-and-after bathroom makeovers, from one in which I Made $8 Decorative Feet to replace a boring Vanity Cabinet to one where I Spent $265 on a complete Bathroom Makeover at my former house.

To save money, I converted a piece of hand-me-down furniture to a sink vanity in my Bathroom Makeover.

Today, I am sharing a small but beautiful bathroom makeover with you.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

This is my inspiration board for the bathroom I used to host guests.

After removing the vanity, we hoped the tile floor would be underneath it. However, as you can see, it was not. So, we had to install new flooring.

Small Bathroom Makeovers AFTER

The bathroom now looks bright and cheerful in white with some pink accents. This vanity was the most significant change. It is from Lowes and is called Andover. It fits perfectly on the small bathroom wall.

How I transformed a small bathroom

The vanity was my favorite thing. It was easy to make and required no DIY skills. It was accessible to DIY, but it is great when the result is perfect and requires no special skills.

It arrived in a large crate. My youngest daughter was there to see it when it arrived. Ed’s strength and muscle allowed it to be carried up the stairs to the second floor. It was still intact, but it had a sink and marble top.

A matching wood-framed mirror was also included with the vanity, but it did not fit over the vanity because the ceiling needed to be slanted. It was given to me by my oldest daughter for her use in her new home. This mirror-framed mirror replaced it.

The Flooring

Next was the floor. The original tile was to be kept, but we discovered no tiles underneath the vanity, so we had to install a new floor.

The same NuCore Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring was used in my studio office and Hallway of Darkness.

Many questions are asked about this flooring. It is a joy to use. It is easy to maintain and can be worn almost anywhere. It has a rustic texture that gives it its unique character.

It is straightforward to install. It can be installed over existing flooring or sub-flooring, so removing the tile is unnecessary. We only had to buy a new threshold in white marble and add baseboards around the room.

The small space needed to be bright and airy to offer guests a luxurious hotel spa experience. I selected a white hotel shower curtain. The rings were from my old house. Although they look silver in the photograph, they are transparent glass balls.

After the significant changes, I enjoyed adding some decorative accessories to the space.

Except for the entry door hardware, the room is complete. I would like to receive the shiny chrome door hardware in time for this post. However, I will attach it to the door and jam it once it arrives.

This is the first room you will see as you ascend the staircase to the second level. It is now a welcome sight.