The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Windows of All Types in Any Room

Decorating windows can be a fun way to change the mood of a room. You can choose from many different window types, but this is a decision that must be made when building your house. The decorating of windows opens up a world of possibilities for design and decor. You can change the feel of any room by decorating your window. What’s best? You can upgrade your room or move into a new place. Decorating windows is an anytime, low-resource-consuming decor change.

Who wants to live in a room that is a mere box? It is hard to imagine living in a room without windows and natural light or air ventilation. Windows let in natural light and air, but they can also be closed to prevent them from entering the room. You want your furniture to be protected from the harsh midday sunlight or your space to become a scorched mess. You also want to protect your privacy from nosy neighbors if you live in an apartment in a big city. Window decorations are helpful for these and other reasons.

We have compiled a list of the best tips for decorating windows in every room, so whether you are looking for ideas on how to dress up a living room window, a bedroom full of windows, or a bathroom with a small window, we’ve got it all. If you do not have a standard-sized window, we also offer hacks for decorating bay, picture, and corner windows.

What to Decorate Windows by Room Type

How to Decorate the Living Room Window?

The sheer curtains in egg white are an excellent choice for living rooms with large windows. The curtains can be used to regulate the amount of light that enters the room, and they also provide privacy without blocking the view. Simple curtains on a rod will do the job and blend in with the decor of the room.

Decorating living room windows is made easier with the help of windows that open onto a balcony. Depending on size, you can decorate your balcony with patio furniture, candles, hanging lamps, and birdbaths. These elements will add class to your balcony and give your living room windows a beautiful aesthetic.

How to Decorate Windows in Bedroom?

How can you decorate a room with many windows? Traditional curtains may seem like the best option, but better solutions for decorating a bedroom with many windows exist. The room will look clean and neat if you use too many curtains to cover your windows.

In a large room, blinds and shades are a great solution. They are functional and only take up a little space. Blinds with a design that matches the bedroom’s decor are a great way to decorate your windows. If you have designer wallpaper, your blinds should match the room’s design.

How to Decorate a Bathroom Window?

Consider plantation shutters, in classic white. Install a wooden frame around the window to add character. The easiest way to decorate a window sill is with plants, especially in the bathroom. Bathrooms usually don’t awash with decor; most often, hair and body care products end up as decor on the window sill. Bathroom windows are ideal for succulents and small indoor plants. Another great way to decorate bathroom windows is with scented candles.

How To Decorate Kitchen Window?

Most people dream of having a window above their kitchen sink. While doing the most boring but often repeated task in the kitchen, washing dishes, what could be more enjoyable than looking out at the view? Fabric window shades are a great option when you want to know how to decorate a kitchen window. Fabric window shades make a practical and convenient choice, as the kitchen is used for the majority of the day. You can roll them up and keep them open for as long as you want.

What Type of Window to Decorate?

How to Decorate a Bedroom with a Bay Window?

Who said that window seats were only for cars and flights? You can make your own window seats in a bay window! How to decorate a bay-window ledge? Just turn it into a seat. This is a great way to create extra seating in a small room. Because of their ease, fabric window shades are popular choices for decorating a bay-window. Place small desk plants, cushions and other items that reflect your personality to solve the problem of decorating a bay-window bedroom.

How to Decorate a Picture Window?

Curtains that are larger than life will be needed for a picture window. If you want to know how to decorate picture windows, go all out with floor-to-ceiling curtains in your duplex living room. You can have the privacy you want, as well as the natural light and view, by using a combination of solid and sheer colour curtains. Keep the colour palette soft and minimal so that the curtains do not dominate the room. Instead, let the furniture and decor be the focal point.