Simple Restyled Decorating

While I love to purchase a new decor, I know it is not practical to keep buying them. It can be expensive to buy new decor. More importantly, I don’t need more “stuff” to function correctly and make my home visually appealing for my family.

To me, clutter is nothing but clutter that takes up space in my house and my head.

However, I will still buy new decor for the house. While I enjoy visiting stores such as HomeGoods and Target, I also love browsing chic independent shops. I find treasures at thrift stores. However, I do not buy things impulsively or to get something new.

However, I want my decor to be fresh. It is a good thing to change. Where do I find the happy middle?

How to do ReStyling. It is easy to restyle items that you have collected over the years.

This is the purpose of this post – Style what you already have to make it more appealing.

Remember a few weeks back when I said that I wasn’t in a rush to decorate my living area after taking down the holiday decorations? That was the right decision.

I took a break and stopped thinking about it. Ed and I went on a couple of trips in the past few weeks. Each time we returned home, our minds were filled with ideas for how to ReStyle the things I already have to update my living room and kitchen.

Last year, around this time, I showed you my decorating stash. It is the best shop I have ever seen, filled with things that I love and just waiting for the day to come.

Just bring them out and hold each one in my hands. Then, ask yourself a few questions about the potential for each item to be ReStyled. This could be done by itself, in combination with another item, or modified in some other way.

The empty mantel was my starting point for ReStyling. I pulled a few items out of my stash including a mirror, window sash and books. These items have been with me for over 20 years. Then I began to arrange them on the mantel. I removed what wasn’t working until I liked what was there. These items are not new.

Even going outside, I brought in a topiaryball that had been out on my deck but had yet to be seen during winter. It looks like new inside, on the mantel and on a low pedestal bowl. Please send me

So many readers have questions about how to make the most of what they already own, that I decided to create a new series entitled Styled. It will be a partner with Insta Style and Budget Decorating.

  • Simply restyled posts will be brief and sweet, with a decorating tip to inspire you to restyle your existing items.
  • Budget Decoration: These posts are about simple decorating ideas that can make a huge difference in your home. We used them once a week but forgot to include them as we change rooms.
  • Insta Style allows you to modify a basic item in just a few seconds and make it useful for another purpose.

We use the exact same items when decorating our homes. They are often seasonal or we get tired of them, so they go to our decorating scrapbook.

Things stored in the attic, basement or closet are unlikely to be found again. Let’s change that mindset. Let’s discover new ways to use every item.