Simple Fall Mantel Decor

I’ve been sharing some fall decorating ideas with my readers this week. Today I will continue showing you how I decorated my living room’s mantel.

Before I tell you. However, I want you to know that when it came time to decorate for autumn, I used to be crazy. I used to pull out boxes and bins full of fall decorations to decorate my home. I was a retail salesperson and treated the house like a store or shop. I would begin at the front door and move to the foyer. Then, I would go into the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Each of my daughters’ rooms were also done by me.

Now, the past is gone. Fall is still my favorite season. Although fall is my favourite season, I don’t need to store so many things in my home to make it cozy for the season. A little texture and warm colors can make a huge difference in a home.

You may need to become more familiar with my blog. This fireplace wall in our living room was one the first things I did when we moved into our house. The wall was previously brick. The fireplace was framed with stone and paneling. The white mantel was the crown section that could be removed from a dining room table hutch we no longer used.

This year, my fall mantel consists of many chunky white candles. White candles are my favorite. They are versatile and can be used all year.

My stash was running low, so I had to find new ones. I was looking for large, unscented varieties. They are both broad and tall. They were both wide and tall. I found them at the Pottery Barn Outlet, Gaffney, SC. Many of you suggested I go there while searching for a slip-covered sofa.

Thinking up new ways to use things I already own is fun. The basket at the middle of the mantel was one I found in my party closet. It’s a sectioned napkin and utensil basket that I use for outdoor parties in the summer. The flowers cover the handle. The flowers hide the handle.

Fake flowers are great because you can reuse them in many different ways. This basket was filled with mums, straws and straw.

A few candles are placed on wooden log slices made from my Christmas decor. When I first saw logs in my local nursery last year, I asked the owner if they would cut some and sell them to us. He agreed to cut them up and sell them to me for $10.

While I wait for the 2 leather recliner rockers, I have the outdoor chairs still in my living room. I made the coffee table. This post will tell you all about it.

I will show you more of the changes I made to the room and to the deck that overlooks Lake Ontario later in the week. I still have to wait for the nurseries to deliver the fall flowers and pumpkins I intend to use outside.