Gorgeous Gazebo Design Ideas for Upgrading Your Yard

Nothing is better than a cool drink and a place to rest on a hot summer’s day. As the temperatures rise, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors. A gazebo might be the perfect solution to your need for shade and relief from the sun.

In your yard, create zones

If you have a large yard, consider creating a space for lounging, dining, and sunbathing. You can let more light through a gazebo with adjustable curtains on gray days or enjoy shade on sunny days.

You can add color to your neutral-colored furniture to keep it from becoming too boring. We love the way the red accents create a cohesive appearance despite the fact that there are separate seating areas.

Increase airflow

Walls can block natural breezes from gazebos that are located near or part of a house. The fan can help keep bugs and other pests away from a gazebo that is too close to a house.

There are many stylish options for ceiling fans that can be placed on top of a tabletop or hung on a wall if your structure is not strong enough.

The Ultimate Lounge Area

A large seating area is essential if you are into entertaining, or simply want a place to relax at the end of the day. You can either add a sofa to your space or buy a stylish, affordable online option. The pillows are a great addition to this space’s vintage-inspired rug.

Boho Oasis

You don’t have to accept the box-store gazebo’s taupe curtains. Tracey Hairston, Mocha Girls Place added tapestry curtains to spice up the otherwise neutral-colored gazebo.

She also decorated the space with plants and patterns as well as rattan furniture. She definitely achieved the boho-chic look.

Mixing patterns can be done by choosing different designs within the same color scheme to create a mismatched but not clashing look.

Vertical Space: Take advantage

You can play up high ceilings in your garden gazebo by adding pendant lights. Pendant lights highlight the space’s height and provide light when you are outside after sunset. Black vertical trim on the curtains draws your attention up, highlighting the beautiful arches of this space.

Make Your Own Cover

It can be hard to find a gazebo that fits perfectly in your space. So why not make one? You can use a drop cloth, or another outdoor-safe material to cover your gazebo. It all depends on how you hang it. To create shade, you can either drape it over a metal frame or hang it at its corners.

Paint Your Patio

Paint a concrete, brick or wood pad underneath your gazebo to give it a unique look. For a particular patterned look, you can either use a stencil or freehand it to create the same look as the one above. This natural brushstroke look is our favorite and can be done in an hour.

To get crisp lines when painting, you can use painter’s tape to mark the area. To make it easier to paint, you can use tape to attach a stencil to the wall.

Dine Al Fresco

It’s easy to get bored of looking at four walls every day. You don’t have to be afraid to use bold colors like orange or fuchsia on your table and chairs. A string of globe lights can be added around the perimeter to give your gazebo a cafe-like vibe.

There’s always room for more

Are you looking for more space but don’t have the budget to build a new building? You might consider adding to the existing structure. This wood-paneled addition provides shaded additional space and blends well with the existing structure.

Slatted wood lets some sunlight through but protects you from the sun on brighter days. The sheer curtains around the perimeter are a huge hit with us. They provide privacy and light without sacrificing any light.

Use a Statement light

A statement light is always fashionable, no matter what season. A light can add visual interest to your space without adding too much clutter. It’s also great for long summer nights when you are out late.

A light fixture can be hung above a table to add light and safety.