Commercial Painting: How to Guarantee a Successful Project

It is without hesitation that I believe the first step in a successful painting job is to have clear expectations. How can this be done? This is done by a consultation on-site with our Sales/Project managers and the key decision maker for the painting project.

A large-scale painting project can involve a number of parties. Property managers, project manager, painters and other tradesmen, strata members inspectors, suppliers etc. It is important to have clear expectations for all the different people involved in a project.

While many people believe that painting a complex of townhouses is a fairly straightforward task, there are countless variables when putting together a proposal. It starts with a clear scope of the work (what will be painted and what won’t). There are also other things to consider, like the expectations for special preparation (e.g. Are you interested in additional cosmetic caulking or not? Owner considerations, (e.g. Special communication needs, tenant requirements and logistics. Other items the Sales/Project manager may notice while on site, educate the strata members on and then discuss potential solutions (Ex. Rotten wood repair).

This open, personal, on-site conversation to identify all these variables is crucial for a future successful project. This meeting with someone who can actually make decisions about the project is vital. It’s not worth the time if it isn’t done.

There is also a risk when you avoid a Consultation and convince the contractors to come to the site to figure it out themselves. The proposals will be completely different and not reflect the owner’s various concerns.

On the other hand, if your strata is spending tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars on a painting job, it’s in your best interest to meet with the contractors who will provide a proposal. Learn more about them, and what kind of service they are going to be providing.

What does a consultation do for you? Our Sales/Project managers customize each proposal to reflect the points discussed at the Consultation. The owners will be educated about the unique needs of their investment, and a customized painting project will be created to meet those needs. For more details about – commercial painters in Auckland.