Ottomans in Decorating a Room

If you are looking for ways to decorate your living room or family area and arrange furniture, remember the potential of a pair of matching ottomans. You can use them as more than a place to rest your feet.

When decorating a living area with furniture, most people add a sofa, chair, and table when putting it together. These are the essential pieces for a living space. However, there are two additional pieces that you can add.

Living Room Furniture Floor Planning

Are there any ottomans that are identical in style?

We had to make a floor plan for furniture in various rooms each week. To keep things scaled, we used graph paper and small green plastic templates for furniture. We set up furniture in rooms of different sizes and shapes.

Back then, computers were not available to us. It is much easier to plan a room’s furniture layout today with the help of furniture arranging apps and a mouse click.

This furniture arrangement class did not consider decorating styles or trends. It was all about space, balance, and function.

It can be challenging to plan a furniture arrangement, especially if you have a narrow space or a strange-shaped room.

The professor gave me a furniture arrangement assignment for my living room. It was an eye-opening experience. My plan had a note stating, ” instead of two coffee table chairs – consider placing two identical ottomans.” She then gave a few reasons.

All I could think of was WOW, and I wondered why I did not think to do that!

This lesson has stayed with me ever since. A pair of identical ottomans is the most under-appreciated and overlooked piece of livingroom furniture.

They can be called whatever you like: ottomans, cubes and poufs, or even their style. You can decorate your room with two identical ottomans placed side-by-side. This creates decorative interest as well as versatility and multi-functionality.

Where can you place ottomans in a room?

Two identical ottomans can be placed in your living room to add a bit of extra flair. Coffee table Accentuate the furniture grouping. They provide seating, but they need to close off the space visually.Imagine how the room would look if you had two chairs with backs that were placed right next to the ottomans. You would feel blocked from entering, and it would not be as inviting.

An ottoman doesn’t need to be paired only with a chair to provide a place for your feet. You can move them to make the room more comfortable.

Ottomans can also be used to replace a coffee table. To hold small items and drinks, place a tray on top.

Ottomans are lightweight and easy to move around. They can also be moved around a table to provide extra seating for game nights. They can be moved even more easily by adding casters.