Take a Look at our New Coffee Station Cabinet With Pocket Doors!

I love having a coffee station in the kitchen while you have been reading this blog for a while. I have created a beautiful place to enjoy my morning coffee in every kitchen I have had.

When we began designing our new kitchen, we (of course!) We (of course!) wanted to think about where the coffee station will be.

We installed a closed cabinet in a pantry style to house our coffee station for the first time!

Do you find that surprising since we’ve always kept ours in plain view? Let me tell you why this closed cabinet is a great choice for our space.

We are still waiting for crown and base mouldings, hardware, and casing trim to finish the kitchen/dining room. You might like to see a sneak preview of the progress.

We designed and built this kitchen to work with our unique space.

Regarding cabinetry, we decided to treat the kitchen and dining room as one area. We could create dedicated task areas and storage from floor to ceiling around the walls, wherever it was most convenient—the space as an entire felt visually unified.

The upper glass cabinets reflect light and keep the room unclosed. In a later post, I’ll talk more about the built-ins and glass cabinets.

The new coffee station cabinet will be across the room from the new dining banquette.

This helped to move a task station and storage area away from the main kitchen area, which is helpful when entertaining family or friends in a small home.

We created a part of the cabinet for our coffee maker and other supplies. The pantry drawers can be pulled out to accommodate whatever we need. This cabinet can also be used as a breakfast bar with cereal and a toaster. The cabinet will have a light to be used at night. It’s also nice to have flexible storage that can be used for whatever you need it to do as the years go by! You don’t need to have a coffee station.

Double doors are pocket doors. The doors slide into the sides of cabinet, allowing for more space to be used inside the cabinet.

The pocket doors allow us to leave our cabinet open so that family members or guests can serve themselves!

It will also help with traffic flow as the pocket door will act as a connecting space/pathway between the kitchen and living room.

Closed storage will keep the space neat and tidy when not in use. We wanted to minimize visual clutter because our main floor is small, and all three rooms (including the lounge) are visible from each other.

Our Berkey Water Filter will be placed in the pull-out pantry drawer to the left, for easy access to filtered water. This is a relatively inexpensive faucet or built-in water system, but we can make it work. I debated whether to include a plumbing system or a faucet in this cabinet. It would have been convenient but there are also two sinks with faucets within a few feet.

It’s easy to convince yourself that you need to do more work “while doing this”, or to justify adding more zeroes (in order to increase the cost). It’s just that I am happy to have more storage. The built-ins are enough for us.

Here are some of the items we use to make and serve coffee, which will also be included in the new station!

I used to have a rack similar to this on my kitchen shelves, but I will keep the majority of our mugs in the drawers or shelf in the coffee station. If I can fit in a mug holder, I will.

You may wonder if I will still use the same stovetop espresso maker to make my coffee, even though I’ll have a fancy coffee machine at the coffee station. These supplies are also available below.