Indoor-Outdoor Space Ideas are Perfect for Building a Cohesive Space

The outdoors can be used to style and furnish your home. Both your indoor and outdoor spaces can be made as functional as possible, and you can style them in a way that blends both.

Get out there and show your support

You can let the sun, breezes, and fresh air in your home by opening your walls. You can use sliding doors or an opening that connects the indoor space to the outdoors. These allow the spaces to co-exist and connect seamlessly.

Keep it similar to a colour story

Cohesion is important in indoor-outdoor spaces. Keeping the same colour scheme from inside and out will help ensure that both spaces are connected. The warm greys and wood tones in this space complement the vast trees and the neutral chairs outside.

Add a rug

Rugs are a great way to heat up any room in your house. It’s also a great place to store wet shoes and other items that you don’t want indoors. You should consider an indoor-outdoor, washable rug if it will be in high-traffic areas.

Make a plant wall

It’s been said once and repeated again: you cannot have too many plants. A plant wall that suspends pots mid-air can be a great way to maximize your floor space and walking space. This will not only add to the beauty of your space but also make sure your plants receive enough light as they are outdoors.

Greenhouse Design

A mini greenhouse can be made if you have enough space outside. It will not only provide the necessary light for your plants, but also protect them against extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Even a potting area could be created inside.

Get creative with window coverings

Shutters or blinds are a better option than curtains if you want to let the outside breezes in your home. They will last longer than curtains and provide a permanent privacy solution for your family. Shutters can also add a vintage look.

Create a hanging divider

If you want to separate the interior from the exterior of your landscaping, consider creating a boundary. Hanging planters can be used as a focal point to create a visual separation without cluttering up your space. Hanging planters will bring some green into the space and provide privacy.

Get Outdoorsy!

Plants are a great way to bring nature inside your home. The naturalistic aspect of plants will bring the outdoors inside, giving your interior a boost.

Enclose Outdoor Space

A dramatic door can make your outdoor space feel more like an interior. You can also create privacy and a gathering space for family and friends by enclosing your outdoor space. This slatted wood look looks great Scandi-chic.

Double up on lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be beautiful, right? A pendant light can be hung to illuminate your outdoor space, while an additional sconce will prevent you from searching for the keyhole for 15 minutes each night.

Outdoor lighting can be used to reflect the high-touch interior.