4 Important Vastu Tips for Placing and Avoid Photos in the Bedroom

Traditional Indian architecture science known as Vastu Shastra discusses several norms regarding the arrangement of pictures in the bedroom. Many people purchase artworks and hang them without considering whether they are in the Vastu direction. The same is valid for family photos, and portraits aren’t different. The tips below should be followed by anyone wanting to display images in their bedrooms.

The bedroom should be decorated with these pictures:

Radha Krishna Painting

If couples share a bedroom, they must place a painting that depicts Radha Krishna in the room. The image symbolizes love and purity and helps to increase harmony between the two couplers. Be sure to turn the idea toward the southwest in the room. Doing this will build trust and openness for yourself and your companion. Radha Krishna’s art also influences the positive and spiritual aspects of one’s life.

Deer Painting

Deer symbolize achievement, growth, and activity. The deer symbolizes longevity and health in Feng Shui. Some believe images of deer bring good luck and change for businesses. For Feng Shui, deer represent longevity and health. Set it near the edge of the bed or the operating table to make a powerful impact. A symbol of kindness, love, and gentleness, The curve represents an array of luck and prosperity symbols that turn that attracts energy of wealth and longevity. The deer painting symbolizes health because of the deer horns’ calming and healing properties.

Family Photographs

Vastu suggests storing family photos on the wall southwest of your room for pictures in your bedroom. This will strengthen the bonds between families. Avoid keeping views of your family members in your bedroom’s east or north corners.

White Pair of Birds

One of the most effective Vastu suggestions you can receive is to hang a photo of two bird-like whites in the bedroom. The pair of birds will bring peace and harmony to your family. This photo is essential for couples who want their love to endure forever.

Paintings of Wars

By Vastu Shastra, the rules are not to be able to keep a constant stream of disturbing images in your bedroom. The idea of a lonely animal or a human could cause loneliness in your heart. A picture that depicts conflict should be thrown out of the bedroom as it could spark arguments among the inhabitants.

Pictures Depicting Fire

According to Vastu guidelines, you shouldn’t place pictures depicting flames in your bedroom. The word “fire” means destruction, and hanging in your bedroom is not an ideal choice. Avoid hanging these photos since they can create a hostile atmosphere in your bedroom.

Portraits of Late Ancestors

The images of the ancestral relatives should not be put in the bedroom but displayed on the northwestern side of your pooja area. They are god-like beings, so their pictures should be displayed in the space in which you pray.

Pictures of Wild Animals

It is not advisable to display their pictures on your walls, no matter if you’re a lover of wild animals. The photographs or paintings could be a source of anger and discord between your family members. It is therefore recommended to stay clear of such images in the bedroom. They can be hung in your living space since they symbolize power and strength.

Solution remedy Vastu Dosha that is present in your bedroom

Here are a few easy solutions for Vastu dosha for the bedroom; however, it is best to consult a Vastu specialist and seek advice. Put a bowl filled with sea salt or crystals of camphor in a bedroom with a view of the northeast. The sea salt or camphor neutralizes the negativity and is suggested to eliminate any Vastu defect. Decorate the walls of your northeast-facing bedroom in a yellow or white hue. Lavender scent helps eliminate Vastu imperfections in the direction of the northeast. The bedroom in the northwest often leads to the loss of wealth and stress for those who live there. A Chandra Yantra placed at the northwestern corner can help to fix Vastu doshas.