This is how you can mix and match your bedding.

You can have fun changing your sheets, comforters, and blankets as the seasons change. You can make your bedding more versatile by changing sheets, comforters, or blankets as the seasons change.

Is your bedding in need of a wake-up call? Are you changing the bedding on your bed each season?

Two times per year, I do it for seasonal changes. To lighten the winter months or to warm it up in the colder seasons.

It does not mean that your sheets and bedding must match in the “Bed in a Bag” manner.

You often see my post on how to move furniture and accessories from one room to the next to transform the space. But now, why not do it for your bed?

You may have a lot of linens in your linen closet that you still need to remember.

It’s time to go in there and see what you have.

I took the winter weight plush comforter, channel stitched velvet quilt, and shams from my bed. I wanted to know if I wanted to use the sheets and comforter that I had last summer. But I didn’t want anything new.

Instead, I took all my blue and white bedding and used it all on the bed.

For the past 5 years, these pillow shams were neatly folded in my linen closet. It’s time to get them back.

Comforters, Shams and Comforters, including Mix Sheet Sets, Toss Pillows and Shams

Mixing patterns to create a cohesive look requires that you keep three things in mind: balance, scale, and color.

To create visual interest, consider including a variety of scales in your bedding selections. For example, a combination of Damask print Shams and polka dots sheets with a small patterned quilt.

If your room is already neutral, be creative and create a story about the color of your bed. You don’t have to match colors or textures together to make a colorful and inviting bed.

Here are a few ideas for mixing and matching bedding.

This is the place to have fun with your existing matching bedding sets. Mix it with other sets to create a new look for the bed.

  • You can find a common element in your bedding by using color cues taken from one piece of print. This could be your main color. Next, choose the bedding that matches it or looks great together in an unusual way.
  • Change the shams if you are changing only one piece of your bedding. Sham covers can be used to add color, pattern, or seasonality. The bed feels more comfortable and cozy due to its large size.
  • Is your duvet or comforter reversible Flip it.
  • You can find a decorative pillow that would look great on your bed in other rooms around the house.
  • Pair with white sheets, comforter, or spread to make the print pop.
  • Mix vintage and new.

How to arrange throw pillows on a bed

Here are some styling and arrangement ideas to make your decorative throw pillows look better.

The Hotel Inspired

You can stack two pillows on top of one another or propped up on the headboard to make it very symmetrical. Two additional pillows can support these pillows, and then a bolster.

The Pillow Collector

If you are a huge fan of decorative pillows and cannot get enough, add as many as you like.

Casual Ease

Use an odd number of pillows to achieve a casual, effortless look. Layering bedding and accessories is a great way to make your look casual without looking too complicated.


If you have many bed pillows and want to experiment with color and pattern, Place large pillows or shams against the headboard. Sandwich patterned shams between the pillows. Cover the pillows with 2 standard beds pillowss with colorful pillow covers.

Reverse The Matched set

This bed pillow placement tip is for those who have four pillow shams. If you have only 2 sham-covered pillows or 2 standard pillows case-covered pillows, flip the order of which pillow is in front to make the other side.