Kitchen Renovation Update: Flooring, cabinets, sink, hardware, and more!

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I’m going to give you an update on my kitchen renovation today! The past two weeks have seen a lot of progress! Recently, the focus has been on interior work. The addition is also progressing. Watching the addition take shape in the next two weeks will be exciting! In a future post, I will share more.

This project has made a lot of progress! We are excited about many design details (such as crown molding, trim pieces, glass doors and bookcases, ceilings, and lighting). We’re delighted with the way it’s already coming together.

I’ll share more details on our design process in future posts, but I wanted to show you where we are so far and give you some hints about what is coming!


The new European White Oak floor was installed after gutting the interior spaces (kitchens, dining rooms, and living/entry floors). It’s STUNNING! The casual, beachy feel and look the floors have brought into our home is wonderful. We were immediately struck by the connection between indoor and outdoor beauty that we felt when we saw the wood tones in our home.

Dining Room Windows and Window Seat

The windows that were originally in the dining room of our house were moved to the new one. This change brought in more light and gave us a brand new view of the water! In my previous update, I said that the windows would only be used for light. I was wrong!

Although it is not a panoramic view, I am happy to see the islands and water beyond. This new view is visible through the windows in the dining area as you walk from the kitchen to the dining room, making it a fun surprise.

You can see the new view below, although it’s hard to capture in a picture or video. The bush will be more visible once it is trimmed. It’s a simple pleasure for me to see water when I walk around the house.

Our new dining table is installed right below the window (with drawers underneath). The two bookcases still need to be installed, but one on each side. I wanted to create a few areas with open storage/display of books or seasonal items. We can’t resist adding a bench cushion and love playing with colors, patterns, and seasonal pillows. I love the way the rooms are arranged. Each one feels like an extension of another, yet it also has its own distinct place within the house.


We installed a new sink so the counter people can come and measure! I’m in awe. I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I walk around the house every morning after the contractors have left, to look at all the pretty things. I’ve shared all the details of our faucet on in this post.


The cabinets are beautiful. The cabinets turned out exactly as I had hoped! These cabinets are so light, airy and cheerful, with beautiful details. Many of them still need to be installed. We selected traditional cabinetry that included various details and styles, such as beadboards, inset doors and drawers, slabs, and beaded shaker profile.

I am so happy with the finish. It is smooth and beautiful. More cabinetry will be added, including brackets, feet, trim pieces, glass doors, and dish display areas.

The layout of the room is also very pleasing. It was a challenge to create a space that worked with our limited walls. The dining room is on one side, and wall-to-wall windows are on the other. It feels cozy and welcoming! It was also important for us to maximize our counter and storage space in a small home.

We have our floors covered, but I’ve found some discarded pieces to place along with the other elements that are going to be in the space. It’s exciting to imagine each element that will be included!