Choosing the Right Dining Table For Your Home

The dining table, like the living room or bed, is an essential part of any home. The dining table is where you can gather with family and friends to celebrate, catch up on your work or enjoy quality time.
It’s essential to select a dining table that will last for at least five or ten years. There are so many different dining table styles, including glass, timber, and marble. It can be difficult to choose the right one for your home.

Before you make your final decision, consider these factors if you are in the market to buy a new dining room table. Here are some tips on how to find a dining room table that will last for years.

Check the measurements

Let’s start with the size. You need to make sure that your dining table is the right size for your space, but also to allow for chairs and other furniture around it.

Measure the area you have available for your dining set-up. After you measure the length and width of your dining area, subtract some space so that people can sit comfortably in chairs or move around. As a general rule, you should aim to have about 1 metre on each side. This will give you room to move around the table or pull out chairs when people are sitting.

Consider the type of dining chairs and the number of people you will be seating at the table. You may need to buy a larger piece of furniture if you want to purchase wide dining chairs like wishbone chairs or rattan chairs.

Space is limited? When you have guests over, expandable tables can be used to accommodate them without occupying permanent space in the dining room. The Otis Oak Dining Table is ideal for small spaces.

Maintain your dining room’s shape

There are many different shapes and sizes of dining room tables, ranging from the classic rectangle shape to an 8-seater square dining table. Finding the perfect shape for your house is all about assessing the layout of the room and your personal needs.

You have a square-shaped room? Choose a round or square table to maximize the space available. Do you have a rectangular space or a dining corner? You can extend your space by using a rectangular or oval table. This will give you more room to entertain family and guests.

Choose the right materials

There are many beautiful materials for dining tables. The right dining table is a delicate balance between aesthetics, maintenance and price.

Solid wood is a popular material because of its durability and repairability. Timber is also unique because no two pieces of furniture are the same. Each table has its own grain and knots. If you want the look of solid timber but don’t have the budget to spend a lot, you might prefer combining veneer and wood.

Are you looking for something more modern? Consider a marble or glass dining table. Concrete dining tables or stone dining tables are perfect for the industrial home. Some tables mix materials such as marble tops with wood legs, or wood tops with powder-metal legs.

Bronte Natural Dining table is made from solid American oak that has been sustainably sourced. It’s the epitome minimalist elegance. The Scandinavian dining tables are available in different sizes. From the smaller 150cm to the larger 270cm.

The right amount of support

Don’t forget to consider the legs when choosing your best concrete outdoor dining table.

Choose a table that has legs that are set back to the edge, allowing uninterrupted seating both on the left and right side. You can also stick to the classic four-leg design. Just make sure you test it first so that your legs do not hit the table.