Amazing Outdoor Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

Summer is all about the extra space. The warm weather allows you to make the most of your outdoor space. While winter can be hard on your house’s square footage, summer is a great time to enjoy the extra square footage. You can create more living space with a small backyard or a large patio.

We can help you if you are starting from scratch. We spoke to several designers to learn their tips for renovating your outdoor decor to create a livable space that you can enjoy for as long as Mother Nature permits.

Make a second living room

Your indoor living area may be beautiful, but picture yourself relaxing under the stars after a long workday. Robbie Maynard is an interior designer at Robbie Interiors. She suggests that you think of your patio as a family room, with the difference that the furniture must be strong enough to withstand the elements.

You can decorate your space just like you would an interior. Just remember Mother Nature.

Sprinkle in Plants

Maynard also suggests that you bring in as many live plants as possible. She says that a colourful assortment of flowering and potted plants in different containers will create a focal point.

Outdoor plants should be able to withstand the summer heat. Indoor houseplants can also be brought outside during the summer.

You can add a fire pit

A fire pit is one of the best ways to improve any outdoor space. A fire pit, Maynard says. She says, “They can be installed, but freestanding fire tables are an alternative.” Make sure the one you choose conceals the propane tank.

You can DIY your firepit, but you will also find many options at your local hardware shop.

Take into account the surroundings

It would be best if you worked with the natural beauty of your surroundings rather than trying to compete. To keep the beauty of the natural setting around you in the spotlight, keep your outdoor decor simple and neutral.

Make a garden

You may not have the space for a garden if you live in an urban area. Kelly Martin, principal of Kelly Martin Interiors created a raised garden box using planks made of wood.

She says, “I love the modern look and feel of black ground covering. So we used lava rock over the soil to retain moisture in the warmer seasons.”

Get cozy

The beauty of an outdoor space is only as good and functional as its functionality. When setting up an outdoor space, be sure to consider both form and function. You want to enjoy your outdoor space as much and as comfortably as possible, so make sure you choose furniture.

Multiply the Areas

You might be able to carve out large areas on your patio or deck. You can create a dining area, a bar space and a lounge space so that you can enjoy a meal al fresco while reading a book.

Accentuate airy colors

Pick colors that make you happy when choosing a color palette to paint your outdoor space. We love bright, bold neons as well as cool, crisp blues and greens. You should also consider the landscape and natural plants around your yard before you incorporate these colors into your space.

Concentrate on the Table

When outdoor real estate is something you are considering, think about how you will be using your space most often and then focus on this first. Spend a lot of time outdoors dining, and get a high-quality dining table. It will last many years. Outdoor couches and chairs are great for lounging.

Feature a Rug

Ariel Richardson is an interior designer and founder ASR Design Studio. He considers outdoor rug a “staple item” when it comes time to set up your backyard.