5 Signs That Nudge Homeowners To Repaint Their House In Dunedin, NZ

Painting your home is one of the thrilling yet challenging home improvement tasks. It’s also not a DIY project that homeowners can tackle with a few tools and a few expensive paints for an expert finish. Anyone can paint, but it takes experience, knowledge and the most advanced equipment to get impressive outcomes.

This is the reason that most homeowners choose to hire the top home painting contractors for their homes in Dunedin, NZ to finish the job. Since it is one of your biggest property assets, your house needs some attention whenever it’s time. Many people don’t know how often a house needs to be painted. Delaying painting for a few years may cause the home to decay gradually.

Painting is among the significant investments that can increase the integrity of your home and shield it from harmful elements. According to the experts that paint your home every 5-10 years is enough. The kind of surface the paint’s quality and the signs of wear and tear have all been crucial factors to determine the regularity of painting projects.

The process of inspecting your walls can appear boring, but regular maintenance can give you a good appearance and ensure that the building is in good order. If you’re trying to determine whether it’s time for a fresh coat of paint on the house, read on to find out the indications.


Every house’s exterior is exposed to the elements and extreme weather conditions. This is a clear indication that the paint on the walls is beginning to fade and UV rays may destroy the chemical bonds of paint which can cause the paint to discolor rapidly. You’ll notice distinct differences when comparing exposed areas to those impacted by sun.

It is possible to consider painting your exterior home at Dunedin, NZ if certain areas are more dark. Keep in mind that the hues of the paint are also important and the darker hues fade more quickly than other shades. If your walls on the outside appear good, keep in mind that there’s an expiration date on styles and colors. The outdated and ugly wall paint colors require a new coat to increase the property’s worth and curb appeal.

Cracks or peeling

If you observe cracks or peeling appearing on your walls, there’s no reasons to delay the painting project. The paint begins to peel when there is water vapour between the structure and the paint which sever painting from wall. Pealing paint is often a sign of the possibility of a leak or a poor ventilation system in the home.

Peeling paint doesn’t just affect the aesthetics of your home, but uncovers the causes in the walls. Cracks in the exterior paint is one of the warning signs you should not overlook, as they could lead to peeling or flaking off from walls. It is important to be aware of these indications because they won’t go away by themselves, and it is crucial to act immediately. Painting the house within Dunedin, NZ is the only method of identifying the signs.


Caulking is a water-proof filler that becomes hardened due severe weather elements. If you notice caulking that has hardened be sure to check the date you painted your home. This could be the perfect time to get in touch with the painting experts right away.

Chalk paint

Chalk will be visible on the exterior walls of the home as the sun’s rays slowly deteriorates the binder which holds paint, and requires an update of the paint at the earliest opportunity. Make sure you have the exterior painting of your home at Dunedin, NZ every three to seven years. There are times when people do not bother painting tasks in hopes to save money, however the longer they are waiting, the more difficult the project is.

Growth of mould

If the walls in your house are humid or poorly ventilated, painting them is the best option to end mold growth. It doesn’t matter if it’s windows or doors or gutters made of wood, or rooms that have little or air circulation, you will be able to observe the presence of mould within these areas.

A majority of people apply specific pesticides, however getting rid of the mold and painting the area is better. A typical painting task may appear to be an overwhelming task. It is nevertheless essential to comprehend the advantages. From entice people to your home, to keeping the walls secure, a brand new paint can and painting professionals with tools can give your house the needed overhaul.

The Takeaway

As mentioned earlier, painting your home every 5-10 years will help and also depend on many aspects. Paint surfaces made of wood are painted every 4 to 7 years. Aluminum siding, however, nudges homeowners to paint it once every five years. Additionally, interior and exterior paint’s durability will alter as they endure the harsh weather conditions on a daily basis.

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